Areds Formulation

AREDS Formulation: The Key To Better Vision

AREDS stands for Age-Relate Eye Disease Study which was conducted for ten years by the National Eye Institute of the Federal Government in America. Experts in the field have conducted this study to know for certain if vitamins and minerals are really of use to patients suffering from macular degeneration.

 Macular generation is an age related eye disease that is common to Americans aged 65 years and older. It targets the macula which is a part of the eye that is responsible for the central vision. The same part you use whenever you are reading or driving. This disease comes in two types. The first one is dry macular degeneration which is characterized by the break down of light-sensitive cells in the eyes. When this happens, you experience blurry vision and as the condition worsens you may even see a blurred spot at the center of your vision. You may also need ample light just to do simple tasks like reading. On the other hand, wet macular degeneration is faster than dry macular degeneration because it does not have stages. It is responsible for the abnormal blood vessels that pop and leak out blood and fluid in the macular region. When you view straight lines, they appear as though they are wavy. At its worse, your central vision is lost.

AREDS have come up with the AREDS formulation which is a combination of Vitamin C, E, beta-carotene and Zinc. The AREDS formulation is a result of a cumulative effort of over 11 Major medical health research centers all over the country.

The AREDS formulation was not without side effects. The yellowing of the skin of the patients has been reported to be a side effect of too much beta-carotene. Also 7.5% of the patients under the AREDS research experienced urinary tract problems. However, in its entirety, the AREDS was considered successful because it has finally proven that taking vitamins and minerals had a direct effect in the overall eye health of individuals by lowering their risks of macular degeneration to as much as 25% according to the study. It would be a pity not to maximize the results of this study; hence several manufacturers came up with their own supplements based on the ARED formulation. Aredium is one such supplement that promises to deliver better vision with the precise formulation that it boasts.

Aredium is more advance than competing products because it does not only follow the AREDS formulation but also combines the health benefits of antioxidants to its own formulation. Antioxidants like lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin and bilberry extracts make their supplement ahead of any eye vitamins in the market today. In several international studies, it has been shown that anti-oxidants do not just fight free radicals but also has a direct effect in improving one’s sight. For patients around the world, Aredium is a supplement that carries with it the promise of a better vision. By taking just two capsules a day, you will be doing a lot of good for your sight.. No other supplement can lay claim to having no additives in them. Aredium is proud to say that it does not have sugars, starches, colors and chemicals contained in them.