Naturally Superior Areds Formula
Offered in capsule form, Aredium is composed of no synthetic colors or flavors, chemicals, starches or sugars, yeast or anything else unnatural. No other “big name brand” vitamin for macular degeneration can possibly make this claim.

Why Aredium?
Aredium is certainly the most complete and powerful nutritional supplement money can buy. Study has verified that the ingredients in Aredium not merely can guard against macular degeneration, but help minimize the risk of cataracts and even enhance visual function overall. This special AREDS FORMULA is based upon the latest national and universal studies for the proper treatment of macular degeneration, and incorporates all the nutrients in the precise concentrations most valuable to your eyes.

How Aredium was created.
Aredium was created by an eye surgeon whose father was diagnosed to have macular degeneration. His objective was to develop a superior vitamin supplement formula meeting 3 essential requirements:

  1. It must absolutely be based upon all available health research which disclosed a benefit to retard the progression of macular degeneration– not only one or
    two studies.
  2. It must absolutely consist of safe amounts of nutrients.
  3. It needs to be totally natural.

Areds Smoker’s Formula – Aredium

Areds Smokers Formula - ArediumFor smokers and former smokers, it contains the precise AREDS formulation (Vitamins C and E, zinc, selenium and copper) except for beta carotene, which can increase the risk of lung cancer. Also contains the powerful antioxidants bilberry, lycopene, zeaxanthin, and lutein.

Areds Sensitive Stomach Formula – Aredium

Areds Smokers Formula - ArediumConsists of the precise Areds formula in a buffered tablet produced for patients with acid reflux or that have to take a great deal of medications. With a customized vegetable covering, Aredium Sensitive Stomach is a very easy to swallow tablet that breaks down slowly for total absorption.

Essential AREDS

Essential AREDS.

The most significant research on the nutritional treatment of macular degeneration was the Age Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) by the National Eye Institute which was published in 2001. The participants took a vitamin formulation and their eye health was monitored for more than 6 years. The findings of this huge study (greater than 5000 individuals) were terrific, and the changes of vision loss was lowered significantly. The influence of this research was felt globally and altered the practice of medicine permanently. It is still the most referenced research on the nutritional therapy of macular degeneration. Just what this means to you is, at a minimum, your dietary supplement should consist of the AREDS formulation (beta carotene (unless you smoke), Vitamins C and also E, zinc, selenium and copper). Aredium is the only formula that contains not only the precise AREDS formula, but also the highly effective anti-oxidants bilberry, lycopene, zeaxanthin, and lutein in the precise quantities needed for the most benefit.

  • Lycopene
    In 2005, research was published revealing that lycopene was dramatically lower in the blood of adults with macular degeneration, showing the significance of this antioxidant. In a study finished around the very same time, lycopene intake considerably improved protection against damages caused by ultraviolet radiation, assumed to be one of the root causes of macular degeneration.
  • Bilberry
    In 2005, another article revealed that eyes treated with bilberry extract completely stopped impairments of the lens and retina, whereas 70 % of those not treated with bilberry extract ended up develping cataract as well as macular deterioration.
  • Zeaxanthin
    Yet another major antioxidant found in the macula of our eyes is zeaxanthin. A 2003 study showed, macular degeneration was dramatically higher in people with reduced blood levels of zeaxanthin, suggesting that higher levels of zeaxanthin would definitely help in the defense from macular degeneration.
  • Lutein
    The Lutein Anti-oxidant Supplementation Trial (LAST) in 2004 proved the importance of this antioxidant. In this report, 10mg of lutein were provided everyday alone or with other antioxidants. After only 12 months, the report found a considerable improvement of visual function both with lutein alone and with additional antioxidants.